Blog 17: W.O.C, happy birthday to us, marching on 5th May (02/05/18)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 17 here. Shining like your most treasured candelabra, and dangling like a donkey’s carrot onto the many threads of resistance against this most loathsome of governments.

If you reading this, well done, the escalating battle of Middle Eastern non-diplomacy from Mr Tramp “we are coming to get you Russia, Russia is bad. Sad.” has not resulted in death and destruction from Batley to Burmantofts. Briggate is presumably still standing as a monument to capitalism, and the kids are still shuffling around the Bus station with suspicious looking cigarettes. Yaaay to Nuclear destruction survival. If however Leeds is a bombed out wasteland by the time you read this, and you are using this Blog as your only shelter from the poisoned rain …. Well at least it’s come in for something useful at last.

…. Should I get on to relevant topics? Yes I think I probably should…

Do we need to talk anymore about Wholly Owned Companies (W.O.C)? How Estates and Facilities staff and others are calling the branch day after day, member after member with the same message that they need to retain their NHS status, and how desperately dispirited they are hearing the trust proposals (now paused)?
Probably not. However more members meetings are going to be happening. We are very conscious of not losing momentum in our campaign against any NHS staff being syphoned (like stolen diesel) into a W.O.C.

BREAKING NEWS – Monday (16/4/18) UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch wrote to the LTHT Chief Executive regarding our opposition to a proposed Wholly Owned Company in Leeds, which would endanger the NHS status of Estates and Facilities, Clinical Engineering, Supplies and Procurement staff. The Branch has now formally registered a trade dispute with the board. Although we are more than willing to discuss alternate options for our members, our intention is to now move towards an Industrial Action Ballot.
Given this news it is imperative that ALL members who may be affected update their contact details with the Branch immediately. 0113 2064369 or

Do we need to talk anymore about the proposed Pay Rise? Again specific members meetings are going to be chaired by one of our Regional Officials. This deal is the best deal the negotiators have been able to get. My opinion is they have done a good job getting this offer from our nemeses in the nasty party. Is the offer strong enough? Does it make up for the wasted years of the pay cap? Its not for me to say, but it is up to you to say!! UNISON will be contacting you soon advising you how you can vote to accept or reject the offer. . Please get involved. As much as I love the holistic side of working with patients, and working within the NHS our goodwill doesn’t pay the bills. Get active dudes.

Members meetings re pay discussions. All meetings to finish at 12;00 midday

WEDNESDAY 2nd May 10:30 Branch Office St James’s



UNISON as an organisation is 25 years old. UNISON’s General Secretary David Prentis told UNISON’s national executive.

“The Trade Union Act was designed to break us, but we haven’t allowed that to happen. We fought that off, and now we have put the work in to make sure our union is strong and viable for the future. Conference motions calling for a review to reshape the union to fit the next 25 years are a sign of our strength. If we can get this right and keep a positive focus on the future, our union can thrive.”

On Saturday 14th April (Grand National Day) many of you would have either attended or witnessed the NHS March around Leeds. This March was really well supported, and our own Branch Secretary Denise gave a rousing speech which had the masses celebrating and the Tory’s quivering. There is a real strength of feeling building nationally and locally in West Yorkshire, and crucially here in Leeds that enough is enough and we want all our public services protecting.

The branch will also be supporting the T.U.C march, again in Leeds on Saturday 5th May 11;30 Art Gallery. This is the annual Trade Union May Day rally. Please come and enjoy the festivities, and speakers. It is always an upbeat and defiant rally. … And finally the last date for your diary ( I know, I know your diary is now bursting like Samuel Pepys threadbare pantaloons). On Saturday 30 June 2018 – We will be partying and protesting for #OurNHS in London. If you would like to travel to London with us on our party bus please get in touch with Branch on 64369, and we will publish details closer to the time.

So, anyway back to the nuclear fallout shelter I must run. I bid you good day with this from Mr Wilde

“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”

……Speak soon xxx