Blog 19: The NHS belongs to the people, white ribbon UK (28/6/18)

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Blog 19 is here, as always with a smattering of snapshots (written Polaroid’s if you will) of all the hot topics;- with world Cup references aplenty, and fevered news from the frontline of Leeds’s lurch into that workers fairground of which we all dream.
You may have read before on this Blog that your Branch works with The White ribbon campaign. The White Ribbon campaign aims “to end male violence against women, once and for all by engaging men in calling out violent, bullying behaviour amongst their peers, and spreading a message of equality and respect”

I’m no self – righteous killjoy. I’ll be sat with few cans of cold fizzy stuff and a bag of nuts during England’s dramatic race to the final (this may require editing before publication to read “England’s slow depressing capitulation”). I’m no nun, I am very sure what comes out of my mouth during the games would make me red faced if I was overheard by my mother ….. However domestic violence against women is not cool. It’s not laddie, its cowardly – it’s not what the Fonz would do.

What you need to know:
The most detailed research into the links between the football World Cup and domestic abuse rates has revealed, violent incidents increased by 38% when England lost – but also rose by 26% when they won. The research, by Lancaster University criminologist Dr Stuart Kirby, a former police officer, monitored police reports of domestic violence during the last three World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Source: The Guardian June 14, 2014.

As a charity that mobilises men, White Ribbon UK asks men to be active in stopping this from happening. Domestic abuse is not only tragic, it is illegal. Part of swearing the White Ribbon pledge means not excusing, or remaining silent about male violence against women.  That means being vigilant, particularly around the World Cup period; and looking out for the warning signs of violence.

If you are a fella, and wish to take a pledge, the below link will take you there. Two women a week in the UK are murdered by their ex or current partner!! That is a horrifying statistic. Be the man who stands up and confronts these cowards (and please let’s get to the quarter finals at least)

The NHS belongs to the people – Wholly Owned Companies and Public accountability.
I’ve been musing on this question for a while. It concerns the proposal of LTHT to move estates, facilities, procurement and medical engineering staff into a Wholly Owned Company.

The NHS belongs to us (you). The NHS spends public money (your money) The NHS constitution says; – The NHS Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England.

It sets out rights to which patients, public and staff is entitled. The system of responsibility and accountability for taking decisions in the NHS should be transparent and clear to the public, patients and staff.”

Principle 7. “The NHS is accountable to the public, communities and patients that it serves”

The public (you) elect MPs and Councillors to represent your views across the city. The elected leader of Leeds City Council opposes NHS staff leaving the NHS, as does the Council Chair of the Health and Wellbeing group.

Five Labour M.P’s that represent the majority of the City opposes the prospect of staff being transferred out of the NHS. UNISON and other interested groups (such as Keep Our NHS Public) in the city handed in petitions to LTHT board with thousands of the public’s names on, opposing this fragmentation of the NHS.

Given these statements can LTHT be confident it is abiding by Principle 7 and its accountability to the public? Does LTHT need to demonstrate its commitment to public accountability and involve the wider city views into its plans?

These are big questions. Are your families and friends aware of the plans the trust have? – do they have a view? I’m pretty sure most people will support the trust looking to save money, but will they support staff leaving the NHS and public money being used to establish a private company? For instance should public money set aside for health care be used to provide security cover in non NHS institutions?

Lionel Messi and Argentina refused to play a warm up game for the World Cup in Israel in protest at the massacres perpetrated by the Israeli Government against unarmed protesters in Gaza.

The United Nations are investigating these events as a war crime. Messi is quoted as saying “As a UNICEF ambassador, I cannot play against people who kill innocent Palestinian children. We had to cancel the game because we are humans before we are footballers.” Footballers in having morals SHOCK – Diego and the hand of god is forgiven – C’mon Argentina your now my second team in this World Cup. ….

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