Blog 20: Massive relief, the power of solidarity! (01/08/18)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 20 here, bloated on a diet of sunshine and BBQ’s, and frolicking in this marvellous summer. My shorts are in permanent residence, and my milk bottle legs are verging on the magnificent precipice of colour.

Anyway enough of this sartorial small talk, there is far more to discuss than the chosen garments which cover my “Kate Moss” legs.

You may or may not have heard that the Leeds Trust Board has shelved the plans to create its own Wholly Owned Company in this financial year – The following statement was put out by the branch following the decision of the Trust.

Yesterday the following was announced by the board at LTHT

“Following the feedback you gave us at the staff briefing events about looking at alternative models and because we still do not have clarity on the process for getting approval, we will not be transferring any staff into a wholly owned subsidiary during the financial year to March 2019.”

This is clearly a massive relief for all members under threat of being TUPE’d this year. The Branch would like to thank the Board for listening to our concerns, and pausing.

We know there will be many more challenges in the future and we will not be taking our eyes of the ball, but for now the branch is breathing a sigh of relief and sending out a huge thankyou to all members involved in raising these concerns , and also the good people at Keep Our NHS Public and The Leeds TUC who helped raise the public profile of our campaign.

Solidarity to all from UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospital Branch.

And on and on the news roles in ….

Your UNISON Branch attended a local protest in Leeds on the 13th July against Trump – (Friday evening). We also attended the anti-fascist rally opposing Tommy Robinson supporters in Leeds on the Saturday England hammered Sweden in the World Cup.

Why protest Mr Tramp I hear you call? (I don’t really hear you call, hearing a keyboard holler would be madness) …. Well I personally feel President Tramps immature crassness does need a challenge. His misogyny, his racism , his bombastic war mongering , his small hands !!! They all need a response before his childlike tantrums and narrow mindfulness becomes normalised. However there is a closer to home personal reason for attending protests involving Trampy- Boy . Ol’ Donald is a threat to YOUR NHS> (….its here I start talking Brexit – please feel free to throw a shoe at me)

Mr Tramp’s newest crusade is to force patients in “socialised” health systems in Europe (us) to pay more for their prescription drugs so Americans can start paying less. He reasons that the Europeans have long been “free-riding” by underpaying for drugs, thanks to price-setting by their governments. He’ll use new trade deals to try to stop it happening, like the one Britain must soon start negotiating. It’s not just Europe’s diplomacy he’s messing with. Now it’s, its healthcare too. American insurance companies are lobbying Tramp, and in turn Mrs May.

Brexit could be their way into the lucrative pot of gold which is Your NHS. Don’t let them do it dudes

…..Speak Soon xxx

*Note – The Motion passed by YOUR UNISON Branch to oppose the far right in Leeds on the 3rd July 2018.

Title: Opposition to the rise of the far right nationally and in Leeds.

Proposed : John Ingleson. Seconded by: Elinor Hewitt

This Union notes: There were 10,000-30,000 racists demonstrating in London on Sunday, 9th June. At that event there were speeches from a UKIP MEP, a Breitbart representative, the leader of the new Party ’For Britain’ and a fairly clear incitement of them to launch physical attacks by Geert Wilders that were followed by street battles around Whitehall with the police.

* At its highest point during the rise of the far right in the late 1970’s, the NF was never able to mobilise more than a thousand.

The rise of Trump in The USA is normalising these repugnant views.
Leeds has become a focal point for the far right following the arrest of Tommy Robinson in Leeds.

This Branch believes:
1. The Labour movement should take Cable Street in 1936 as our model. When violent racists and fascists gather together they should be physically blocked by massive outnumbering.
2. That reps and officers can help counter their propaganda on social networks by providing sourced educational information to members.
This Union resolves:
1/ To support anti right wing campaigns and activities in Leeds and nationally
* 7th July rally in Leeds (anti EDL)
* 13th July rally in Leeds (anti Trump)
2/ To hold a Hope not Hate campaign day in conjunction with region in the autumn