Blog 21: Changes to working patterns and dates for your diary (05/09/18)

Hi Dudes

Blog 21 is here, plonked in a raincoat, and contemplating the approaching dark gothic nights. Summer has wilted like a (note – the editor has erased this unnecessary analogy on the basis of decency) and your Branch is preparing for autumn in much the same way as the common squirrel by nibbling on any remaining summer nuts. (Note – the editor despairs).

So what’s been going on in Branch? Well we’ve all been on holiday. We all naturally took to Cuba (on Branch expenses), where we lived in a commune and spent many a wistful candle lit night plotting the end of capitalism, sticking pins in a porcelain Jacob Rees Mogg, and discussing the vagaries of the working time directive . We have also been responding to an increasing amount of members who have had their off duty changed at the last minute, or have had an established working pattern changed without consultation.

Once your off duty is published (policy says 4 weeks in advance at all times) then it needs YOU to agree to any changes. If you can’t personally accommodate any change to your rota then the original published off duty should stand.

“Employers may need to change your conditions or patterns of work because of business or economic factors. However, your contract of employment can only be changed if both you and your employer agree to this. It’s a breach of contract to change your working conditions without your agreement. “

The Trusts own Organisational Change policy talks about significant changes, such as changing working patterns

4.2.2   Formal Consultation
Formal consultation is required if any of the following apply:

•changes to working patterns

So please, if your line manager is changing your established pattern of work without listening to any issues that, that change may bring, be in touch and we can help. We are very conscious of how hard it is juggling health, child care, personal responsibilities etc. and a working life. Call 64369 if you have any queries. We also need to stress if you can swap and change without detriment to yourself, but for the good of the hospital, please do. Our NHS is built on the wonderful contribution of UNISON members and we don’t want to be a barrier to that with petty, unneeded challenges.

Talking of our wonderful NHS. My son had his tonsils taken out at the LGI this month. I had the uncomfortable opportunity to be on the “other side”. Freddie’s (and my) horrible day was made so much better by the compassion , professionalism, and fun provided in Paediatric Theatres, and on ward 49. I’m not just saying this as a thank you (but it is a Thank you) but I also want to point out what a fabulous hospital you contribute to.

It can at times feel a grind. It can be fatiguing and frustrating and financially unrewarding.  However trust me; YOUR NHS hospital is marvellous. Run for the good of the patients, and not for the good of shareholders. Keeping fighting for its survival dudes.

Dates for your Diaries

26th October – Branch Development Day. A range of rep training for activists only (including Hope Not Hate).

6th November – Increasing Your Confidence One Day Workshop – Call 64369 for more details. Open to all members for free. Perfect for improving your C.V. Course is based in Leeds.

17th November – Labour shadow ministers Diane Abbott and John McDonnell have backed a call for a national demonstration against fascism and racism in London. Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) has called the demonstration. It is a major opportunity to unite and get on the front foot against the fascists and racists.

23rd November – White Ribbon Awareness Day. We will be hoping to promote White Ribbon, and asking men around the hospital to take the following pledge.

5th March 2019 – Branch AGM. Held at both main sites. The most important day in your Branches calendar. The opportunity for all members to volunteer / be elected into positions within your Branch.

Lastly (I’m in need a cuppa now) I have witnessed a newly re energised socialist movement in my home town of Morley. Deanne Ferguson will be Labours candidate at the next election (for Morley and Outwood). Her selection as candidate has brought with it a fresh band of officers at the CLP (Constituency Labour Party) lots of new positive ideas, and a fighting community spirit.

As well (crucially) as being massively in tune with the national message of “oh Jeremy Corbyn” (did you sing it). If you are from Morley and Outwood get in touch with the Branch (64369) and we will direct you to a friendly face in the CLP to enable you to be more active. Likewise in all areas of Leeds , if you want to be more involved with the wider political movement for Labour we can point you in the right direction and help you with introductions and any of the jargon which can be confusing etc. Deanne is clear that one of her main priorities will be securing a properly funded, and secure public NHS (she was fully behind our opposition to the LTHT Wholly Owned Company). If you want to retain YOUR NHS think about joining your local Labour Party, because as sure as eggs are omelettes, the dinosaurs in the Tory party  will continue to be like egg munching Oviraptors – devouring and spitting out OUR NHS into the nest of their big business friends.

“Every generation must fight the same battles again and again. There’s no final victory and there’s no final defeat” – Tony Benn

…..Speak Soon xxx