Blog 26: Looking forward to 2019 whilst sliding head first (01/02/19)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 26 here and it’s the pre- General Election bonanza. That’s right my beloved readers our political fairground ride is riotously throwing us ecstatically from the Brexit waltzers, (candy floss in our hair), and straight onto the big wheel of party political broadcasts, door knocking, leaflet dropping, and marking your preferred candidate with a big pre literate X. Oh the joys. My polling booth is at a junior school and every time I cast my vote I get a volley of abuse from the tellers for careering head first (superman-esque) down the kiddies slides. My excuse is that my frolicking head first slippery descent is a satire on the capitalist political void – but it is rudely met by a thick ear from my wife, and a giggle from my daughter. Anyway…..

In the last blog (such heady days) I looked back at 2018. Now I want to look forward to 2019. Much of our 2019 plans will be decided at our AGM on March 5th. So what are we campaigning on in 2019 ? Well that’s up to you!! Our members !!!

Come along, have your say, and shape your union for 2019. What issues do you find frustrating? Health and Safety issues ? shift patterns ? pay ? equalities ? staffing levels? Come and talk with us and let’s make plans together. We have two AGM’s. The first at Clarendon Wing Canteen @07;15, the second at Beckett Wing @16;00. Grub is provided; we have rousing speakers – so no excuses. We can’t wait to see you. Any questions #64369

The next 2019 date for your diary is Saturday 18th May in Shakey Wakey.

It’s a Trade Union event which promises a show of “collective unity” music, poetry, speeches, a rally, and lashings of fried goods and real ale. Reports from last year say is it was a grand family day and left everyone on the verge of a bloodless workers revolution (the last bit is not entirely true, but you get the gist)

The theme of the day will be ‘A Land Fit For Heroes?’ considering the aftermath of World War One from the perspective of the working class, trade unions and Labour Movement as a whole and by harnessing contemporary social and political injustices as comparison, With Banners Held High will explore how the fundamental issues which were present within the inter-war period, are still visible today

(That’s a mouth full isn’t it?)  – Anyway, music, hot dogs, FUN. We may even let you fly the branch flag on our behalf (especially if it’s windy, when the flag becomes a mast and makes the pole holder do 0-75mph quicker than any sports car).

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public’ invites the people of Yorkshire to join a demonstration demanding proper NHS funding at 11.30 on 30th March  2019, outside the art gallery in Leeds. This should be a good opportunity for us all to demonstrate our pride in our NHS, and how we demand that it maintains its public service status. It will also be another opportunity for a bit of knees up and a chance to socialise with like minded folk.

At the AGM we will also present the motions that the Branch will be supporting at the UNISON Health Conference in April. You will have a chance to discuss / debate these motions at our AGM. What is a motion ? basically a motion is  a plan, sent in from branches to be discussed and debated at the Bournemouth National Health Conference. So if branches want to see a certain idea acted on, and become national policy this is the way to do it. One year a Branch submitted a motion calling all Branch Blogs to be unread masterpieces of comic literature which moved and inspired the populace into urgent democratic action. You can see from reading this nonsense that the motion was successful.

See you on March 5th !!!!!!!! – A.G.M (we will fix the raffle so you win something).

Ps – UNISON National have just released this press statement, If you’ve got 5 minutes it makes for an interesting read (maybe some of you contributed to the survey)

Health service staffing is compromising patient health, says UNISON

……Speak soon xxx