Blog 27: Be an AGM winner (01/03/19)

Hi Dudes,

As you see Blog 27 has pounced upon your electronic viewing device like a leopard in the Serengeti. All teeth, and claws, and beautifully camouflaged against a back drop of equatorial danger and wilderness.

The winners of the Oscars are out, and although I didn’t win an award for best screenplay this year I am thinking of submitting this beauty for next year’s glitz fest…..

Overheard in the staff canteen, amongst the piles of freshly cooked chips, and besides the healthy option of neglected veg ……
“Hey fictional employee”
“Hey fictional colleague, how are you?
“I’m good thanks. I’m living the Leeds way every day.  I don’t suppose you’re going to the UNISON AGM are you?”
“Oh yes I’d like to, I heard that’s where all the cool cats play. When is it again?”
“March the 5th – 7am at the Clarendon LGI canteen”
“Oh shucks, I have child care responsibilities on that morning which I am able to attend to due to successful trade union lobbying and a receptive local management team. I am devastated; I really wanted to partake in the UNISON democratic process”
“Worry not my socially conscious friend they are holding a second one, again on the 5th march In Beckett Wing commencing at 4pm”
“Wowzers, those guys think of it all, I don’t suppose they provide nutritional subsidence at both these meets?”
“They sure do, breakfast butties in the morning, and a light buffet tea”
“They truly are the king of kings those activists”
“They are, but remember they also believe in a constitutional republican democracy, and may not take kindly to being compared to a monarchical overlord”
“Won’t they just blag on and on about Brexit though? I know what these political sorts are like”
“No, anyone who mentions Brexit is going to be ejected, preferably via a slap with a wet haddock to the lug”*

…… and thus it goes on with lots of lasers, musical interludes, and a guest appearance featuring the ghost of Sid James …. Sounds pretty crude, but still better than any Batman movie I’ve ever watched.

Please, please come to the meeting(s) and have your say. We do really appreciate any feedback, good, or constructive. We do have a raffle, and we do have a speaker in Bill Adams who will talk about the Trades Union Council in Yorkshire and make you feel like you are part of a wider social movement. It’s not just about paying your subs; it’s about being one active cog in a massive wheel.

…..Speak soon xxx

  • Note UNISON LTHT does not condone any form of violence, especially the use of force with dead aquatics