Blog 3: AGM time and not one but two demos (03/03/17)

Blog three here. I’ve been getting some really good feedback from this so I’m going to continue annoying you for a bit longer ( feedback including “hey mate , stop babbling on and get on with ya job”)

It’s all go in the branch as spring see’s three main events.

1/ It’s the branch AGM – 7th March.

07:15 In the Clarendon Canteen for all you early risers and night shift workers. Bacon buttys will be plentiful and the tone will be light and we will allow for occasional snoring at the back of class. The main advantage to this time is no managers will be in snooping, so we can plan our socialist revolution in peace (we all know they don’t arrive until 10am do they).

The afternoon AGM starts at 16:00 at the UNISON offices at SJUH. This will be a far more bawdy affair. Hoards of naked male and female Swedish mud wrestlers from the Nordic TUC turned up last year if that gives you a pointer to the festivities. Again you will be fed and watered (if you don’t mind washing off the aforementioned muddy splats)

What goes on at the AGM? What do you have to do? Well you will hear me twittering on about rules and regs for a bit – but we soon move on to more thrilling subjects like the election of officers and the raffle etc. We have guest speakers and you will leave feeling empowered, motivated, and full to the eyeballs on sandwiches and cakes. Come along and enjoy ITS YOUR BRANCH p.s please sack me , dispose of me callously, and let me go back to the non-grey haired life.

…… On a more serious note (oh here we go) Many UNISON members are struggling financially due to the demands of the present economic situation. More and more low paid members have been driven closer to the financial brink in recent years and your UNISON branch has directed some lower banded members to food banks. In light of this we have decided to try support these organisations and collect food items and toiletries (and clothing). If any of you are considering coming to the AGM’s we are asking you to bring something if you can (not mandatory). Thankyou for all your generous contributions in advance.

2/ The two demonstration’s to save #OurNHS ( 4th March London, 1st April Leeds).

Our Charabanc leaves Leeds at 06:30 , the demonstration starts in London around 13:00 and we are expecting Jeremy Hunt’s resignation around tea time (after his brandy and cigar). This should be terrific fun – if you have never been on a demonstration it is fantastic to protest with like minded people (such as Arthur Guinness and Johnnie Walker) – and although in reality these demonstrations don’t directly achieve a great deal, the drip, drip, drip of pressure they apply does sway public and MP opinion.

The Leeds March is obviously more accessible for most of you. We will be holding our Branch banner high and stopping Leeds city Centre for the afternoon. If your fed up of working under constant pressure due to the cuts brought on by the Tory’s , you have  bellyached about it, but feel you want to do something more practical PLEASE PLEASE come along. Bring a colleague, bring your voice, and bring me a sausage roll if you like.

3/ My annual Horse racing trip to Cheltenham where I bash up the bookies – Not in any way relevant but since when has this blog being relevant to anything. PS Cue Card wins the Gold Cup – you heard it here first.

…..speak soon xxx

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)