Blog 30: NHS for sale? Starving vultures (07/06/19)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 30 has arrived like a double decker at a lonely bus stop. Promising salvation from the dark streets, only to flash up “not in service“ as it rumbles past with nihilistic relish ( no I haven’t a clue what I’m on about either).

Yaaay, Mr Trump is in town as I write this (4/6/19). Like a circling and starving vulture he has proclaimed that the NHS will be “on the table” with any post Brexit trade deal with the USA.

So there we have it folks. The cat is out of the Walmart bag, the mice are at the cheese, and all their devious plans are laid as bare as Marilyn on her death bed.

I don’t care what you think of Brexit, or the referendum or of Jezza , or Farage, or Labour , or Tory – OUR NHS IS NOT FOR SALE TO ANYONE. Repeat that (I feel like I’m on the stage) IT IS NOT FOR SALE.

Avid readers of my blog (Hi Mum) will be aware that I’m no fan of petitions, but if you are this one seems to be appropriate

If you look at our once nationalised industries like Steel, the Post Office, public transport – sold for a pittance to a few old Etonians and now failing and letting us, the public, down (and we have to pay more for these now shoddy services). It’s a cheap capitalist trick, and we will not let this happen with our most precious treasure, the NHS.

Big businesses sometimes build our hospitals and public buildings, maybe run our local services. However when they collapse, we the tax paying public end up paying the price. Remember Carillion? They hid their dodgy finances – and workers lost their jobs, and pensions and it was the public purse which was left with the mess.

“All the mega corporations on the planet make their obscene profits off the labour and suffering of others, with complete disregard for the effects on the workers, environment, and future generations. As with the banking sector, they play games with the lives of millions, hysterically reject any kind of government intervention when the profits are rolling in, but are quick to pass the bill for the cleanup and the far-reaching consequences of these avoidable tragedies to the public when things go wrong. We have a straightforward proposal: if they want public money, we want public control. It’s that simple” – Michael Hureaux-Perez.

Saturday 19th October – See’s a Trade Union Council sponsored conference which will examine the response to Climate Change from a Trade Union perspective. The science behind the apocalyptic future we have condemned ourselves to, and how we, the organised workers can actively help combat these changes and use the awful situation to our advantage and promote what should be a boom in “green” jobs. If you want more information contact the Branch on 64369 and we can share what we know.

Speak Soon XXX