Blog 33: Boring! Let’s talk about the NHS and green jobs instead (09/09/19)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 33 is here staring in wonderment and befuddlement at all the drama in parliament. This Blog could be the most pointless yet as before it gets sent out everything may have changed. The Queen may have swung Tarzan like through the House of Commons bashing Alexander Boris de Pfeffell on the noggin for his fibs. The ghost of Winston Churchill may table a motion on Alexander Boris de Pfeffels treachery to his Grandson, and the only one keeping his cool and principles (Mr Jeremy Corbyn) may be leading the country. Goodness knows we need a leader, and not the petulant schoolboy who is currently in situ.

As this is Blog 33 (and spans the last three years) I’ve done pretty well not mentioning Brexit that much. Frankly it bores me. It’s a red herring (God bless all socialist salt water fishes decked out in their rouge). The European Union (in my opinion) gives the workers some excellent Health and Safety protections, freedom of movement is such a positive thing, and the E.U provides a sensible buffer to the devilment of a Tory government. However it is also a capitalist’s playground, and has been a catalyst for corporate Globalisation (businesses more powerful than states). The European Union is not utopia – it has been slow to react to Climate change, and has sat ideally by, unable to help as our NHS is picked apart by private vultures, and hardly prevented the calamity of the Iraq war and all the murder which came from that.

I respect all views on the issue – However my major issue is the Labour manifesto of 2017 offered so much hope and momentum regarding restoring a country in all our interests, and not one solely interested in exploiting the working class for the benefit of the 1%. I want the country to go back to talking about protecting our NHS, and restoring the welfare state.

I want my kids education to be invested in, and the Green jobs revolution instigated. For all the entertaining theatrics of the recent votes, and the laughter I’ve had at seeing Alexander de Pfeffel squirm I want to get back to campaigning for a trade unionist and socialist programme. Also I felt compelled to watch the House of Commons the other day and it was really distracting as I really wanted to spend my day off watching the Ashes and the racing from Gowran Park.

In local news there has been great progress from the wonderful Estates and Facilities staff at Bradford NHS who were taking industrial action. More than 300 UNISON members stayed solid during July and August resulting in the Trust and UNISON releasing a joint statement saying the strike is off following “constructive talks”.

UNISON (your brothers and sisters) will now have the chance to present our case to the trust’s board of directors next month and the privatisation of these staff has been postponed until February 2020 pending “further consideration. Industrial Action is always tough and can cause hardship on individuals both financially and psychologically. However the results of this solid action is plain for all to see.

… Speak soon XXX