Blog 35: From cradle to grave or from Eton to Washington? (05/11/19)

Hi Dudes,

Blog 35 is here, sparkling and feeling dandy and energised for the election fight of our lives to save #OurNHS. December 13th could be the dawn of a fantastic new fair and equitable country for us all, or it could be then deepest, darkest, longest winter for our public services. Do we rise as a movement and do all we can to kick out this government who have enslaved the 99% to the benefit of the 1% or do we cower in corners and allow our “masters” to steal the NHS? From cradle to grave or from Eton to Washington – That’s your choice.

Leeds will be a key scrap with two hotly contested marginal seats. In Morley and Outwood we have Deanne Ferguson standing for Labour. A Trade Unionist by background she is committed to public services and local people. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon, she wasn’t dropped on this town by somebody in London, she is a local, hardworking Morley lass who has run her blood to water campaigning over the last year. Her opponent, Jenkyns has an appalling voting record. Always on the side of big companies, and rarely on the side of you and I. A fan of Trump, and supporter of a no deal Brexit and the peril that will bring to “ordinary people”. Deanne isn’t funded by big business as opposed to the bosses puppet Jenkyns, so if you want to help her campaign get in touch (she is very lovely) . As a resident of Morley myself I am so excited about Deanne winning. She will be brilliant for the town and the NHS will have a defender rather than someone who smells profit over people.

Another Labour candidate in a seat we need to win back is Jane Aitchison who is standing in Pudsey. Jane is the President of Leeds Trades Council in Leeds and as such I have had the pleasure of meeting her. She spoke just after my mumble at the climate rally last month. She was so supportive of little ol nervous me. Wow, she is an orator alright. Powerful, and strong. She will stand as a beacon for working class women all over the constituency. Another proud supporter of the NHS, and another Trade Unionist we can place #OurNHS trust in. If you live in and around Pudsey and want to help . Jane is you and me. Jane won’t be bought or be beholden to big business.

Standing M.P’s in Leeds such as Richard Burgon in East Leeds (wonderful fella who spoke up strongly against the proposed Wholly Owned Company at LTHT and offered to stand on the picket line with your UNISON Branch). Hilary Benn – Leeds Central, Fabian Hamilton – Leeds North East, Alex Sobel – Leeds North West ( has been brilliant pushing for the green new deal in parliament and standing alongside the student climate change protestors), and Rachel Reeves – Leeds West. All need your support and all will prioritise the NHS – If you want to offer your support to these Labour MP’s locally you can find their details on line or get in touch with us on Ext 64369 and we can point you in the right direction.

As an example of what we are fighting for last week both Trump and the government have made headlines with claims that our NHS is not on the negotiating table. However Channel 4 has revealed British officials have been in secret meetings with US drugs companies and lobbyists. They have been talking about including the NHS in future trade deals with Trump’s America.

If they get their way it could mean our NHS paying more for the medicines that people like us rely on every day. It’s scandalous. It’s petrifying what these people will do for even more profit.

The link to the story is underneath.

The Liberal democrats equally cannot be trusted with #OurNHS. Last week they abstained on a motion which looked to end NHS privatisation. Despite the practice being deeply unpopular with the public, the Lib Dems’ decision to abstain on an anti-privatisation motion clearly shows they still do not oppose the policy of NHS privatisation. Jonathan Ashworth (Labour shadow minister for Health) stated on the night “Tonight, Tory MPs have refused to safeguard the NHS from a Trump deal sell off that locks in privatisation. The actions of Tory MPs and inaction of Lib Dems who abstained, risks further privatisation of our health system and could open the door to US pharma forcing our NHS into buying more expensive medicines. This yet again shows only Labour can be trusted with our NHS.”

Sorry I’ve ranted on, I don’t like doing it but I refuse to let my children and my patients down by allowing profit before people – If you work for the NHS it is now our time to fight for it – Get out there folks.

From Wednesday the 6th November we will be limited to what we can publically say due to election rules. However that doesn’t mean we are not out there fighting for this great hospitals future. Get in touch if you have any questions – Solidarity and good luck people.

… Speak soon XXX