Blog 1: My name is John, and I am Branch Chair (03/01/17)

My name is John , and I am Branch Chair.

I thought it may be of interest to describe to UNISON members and non-members alike what my role entails. Hopefully one of you out there will read this and decide to become active within the union movement, and help us oversee the destruction of the capitalist state (I just put that last bit in for dramatic purposes …. Honest )

My proper job (substantive is a terrible word) is in theatres, I work as an O.D. P in paediatrics and have done since the dawning of civilisation (or more accurately about ten years)

Anyway enough waffle (waffle is a beautiful word) what do I do? What could you do? How can we help ?

My role is to support UNISON members within meetings – be these meetings to discuss conduct, attendance, dignity at work or a mixture of all the previous. I also help support members with grievances (complaints) which occur in the workplace. The branch supports the wider trade union movement in this, and other countries, and generally swoons at the great historical battles fought in the name of industrial relations throughout the years – think Tolpuddle Martyrs, think the creation of the Health Service, and think Ed Milliband and his bacon butty.

We also run campaigns – One campaign in 2017 is going to be called “2017 a time to care” where we are hoping to work with the trust to ensure all you wonderful NHS workers have the proper time to do your job properly e.g. time to care for your patients (nurses), time to clean that ward correctly (housekeepers), time to act in an unruly, autocratic, and irrational manner (all managers ….eeek)

I became active (I’m sure colleagues would describe me as sedentary) when I witnessed a much loved colleague falsely accused of bullying. Supporting her during that time ignited a want to help people and show solidarity with colleagues at tough times – I’m basically like Erin Brockovich just hairier.

What could you do ? If you want to support your colleagues and help make the workplace safer, fairer, and listen to HR twist you in knots with policy changes  etc then you could receive TUC training (paid time off) and become a workplace rep, or you could simply be a workplace contact and help us spread the word about UNISON activities within LTHT.

If you are needing advice ( please no agony aunt stuff, I’m useless when it comes to puberty) , or support within your department give us a buzz,  and we will try to help (looking at my diary I am next free in about November 2018 )

Time for some pantomime……

UNION buzz words to cheer

UNION buzz words to boo

#Double booked

(The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of the UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch)