Blog 36: UNISON is there to support you (13/12/19)

Hi Dudes

Blog 36 is here and you will notice an unusually muted tone. No flamboyance, no politics, not a squeak of the General Election as I am censored by purdah (the period in the run-up to an election when there is a restriction in place on publicising the views of political parties). It’s a shame as I have many a tale to tell. What I can say is one of our officers did a great job actively campaigning to try and get our members to register to vote. I hope you all do vote on Thursday the 12th.

So what does this Blog offer? Well I can skate around the grubby intrigues of Westminster by telling you we have;-

1/ Supported Mrs Muggins in her Attendance management process – She has been off sick quite a bit so we sat down with her manager to go through an Occupational Health report and discussed reasonable adjustments. Mrs Muggins now has a new piece of equipment to help her in her role, and can start slightly later in the day. All of which both helps “Muggy” as she is not in pain at work, and the workplace as her attendance improved.

2/ Supported Mr Muggins as in his Flexible Work application. Monsieur Muggins wanted to reduce his hours to pick up his grandkids on a Friday from school. With a few tweaks to his formal legal application the manager agreed to this Friday afternoon off as long as he agreed to finish later on a Tuesday to cover a new service in the department. This has cost Mr Muggins more in lollipops for said grandchildren, but a mutually agreeable situation was achieved for all.

3/ Supported young Master Muggins who has been in trouble for a series of Facebook posts describing a colleague’s romantic love life in all its gory details. We met with the young rogue before the formal meeting and explained why it was inappropriate and how he should reflect, and apologise and re read the Trust social media policy. Which he did, and the Trust facilitated a conversation between Master Muggins and the slandered lothario. They are now best buddies again and a potentially explosive occurrence has been “nipped in the bud”.

4/ Supported Young Miss Muggins as she submitted a grievance. Her manager told her, her shifts were changing in the new year but had not gone through the correct Organisational Change process or discussed the impact of these changes on a one to one level. The manager, realising the mistake met with Miss Muggins and submitted the correct paperwork. The result is Miss Muggins now works 90% of the new shift pattern with only minor changes made to the original plan after her manager realised she would have to finish at a certain time due to public transport.

5/ Supported Cousin Muggins with a Health and Safety issue. His back had been playing up due to “carrying this department on my ruddy shoulders” or more specifically because his desk was at the wrong height and his phone at the corner of his desk. As a result of “Cuz” highlighting this issue his manager organised him to have a Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment and an Occupational Health advisor to ergonomically asses his work station. The result Cousin Muggins is dancing like a young Fred Astaire in the Dog and Gun every Sunday afternoon.

Outside our usual bread and butter work (I only eat Lurpack as I’m a butter snob) the Branch have been taking part in the annual Write for Rights campaign organised by Amnesty International. This is all about sending letters of solidarity to oppressed political prisoners and putting pressure on governments implementing restrictive practices.

We have also been around Bexley Wing promoting the White Ribbon day (November 25th) . We urged male employees to make the pledge “to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women”.

We have had a visit to paediatric theatres from UNISON national nursing officer Stuart Tuckwood who discussed UNISON Race for Equality campaign and also had a chat with mentors regarding student placements. It was good of Stuart to take the time to get a real shopfloor perspective. You can find more details of the campaigns on these two links – .

….. Anyway i’m putting my satchel on now to go knock on a few more doors , and post a few more leaflets.

….Speak Soon xxx