Return to work – Protect your colleagues #BeOnTheSafeSide

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the game for everyone when it comes to protecting yourself and your colleagues in the workplace.

As the government moves to ease lockdown restrictions with the wider opening of schools and offices, UNISON is pushing for all employers to do everything possible to keep staff in their workplaces safe and healthy.

To do that, UNISON needs to have at least one health and safety representative in every workplace.

Health and safety representatives care about their co-workers’ safety and help push for better working conditions. They play a vital role in keeping everyone at work healthy and safe. They:

  • champion safe working practices to help look after everyone
  • speak to colleagues about working conditions
  • help make sure everyone can access the right protective equipment
  • highlight to managers any issues they are aware of
  • actively get involved with improving risk assessments and workplace inspections
  • communicate with other reps in the branch and region

UNISON safety representatives have a specific role and also have important legal rights. Our health and safety representatives have the right to time off for training and are protected when they raise issues which affect the health and safety of members.

We’re planning a series of webinars, toolkits, and online training to give new reps the information they need quickly. You will always be supported by more experienced reps.

If you’re interested in knowing more and helping to keep the people you work with safe from Covid-19, please fill in the form on our website, and a UNISON representative will be in touch with you soon.

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