Blog 48: Clapping and AGM 2021

Hi Dudes, Blog 48 here in all its shiny new 2021 glory (which feels very much like the dirt and rust of 2020). As I type this I am watching the news and seeing Trump supporting hooligans storm the senate. Its quite surreal. I hope it doesn’t catch on. I’m petrified the UNISON office may get ransacked by the LTHT mob when you realise how hard it is to get our 2021 diary’s out to you this year!

We posted the following on our Facebook page the other night along with a BBC link informing us the Thursday night clap of appreciation for key workers was coming back. (facebook – Unison Leeds Teaching-Hospitals).

“Genuinely interested in your views on this. I know colleagues who took great comfort in the original clap. I knView Postow members families also took comfort in the recognition. However there is also the legitimate opinion that a clap was ok , but it’s patronising without the subsequent political action of paying our members properly for their commitment this year. Thoughts below please ( keep ‘em clean dudes)”

The comments we received, and what our members are thinking, and would like to see the public doing, can be summed up with the following:-

  • The clap is (was) a nice way to show community and solidarity.
  • It is exploited by politicians.
  • Without tangible rewards (payrise) from said Tory politicians the clap now rings hollow.
  • NHS staff would rather the public showed appreciation by lessening the strain on the NHS by following the stay at home message / wearing masks / challenging ridiculous conspiracy theories / accepting the vaccine

Your Branch along with all UNISON Branches are now entering AGM season. The annual meeting where old dinosaurs are re elected, young activists are appointed (thrown on the sacrificial altar) and financial decisions for the year ahead are reached. Obviously this year it is going to very different, as it will be on Zoom or Microsoft teams. This is disappointing in lots of ways as you guys miss out on the free grub, and we miss out on seeing you all. On the plus side whilst I’m droning on about some dull rule change you can stop your video and do something more interesting like watching the proverbial paint dry. The official calling notice is copied below…

Annual General Meeting –
Tuesday 2nd March 2021

07.15am – 4.00pm – 8.00pm

All UNISON members welcome

In order that members can participate fully in the democratic process and allowing for shift patterns your Branch will contact you at a later date issuing the link to join the Annual General Meeting.

As you are aware lay member democracy is one of the founding principles of your union and our rule book is extremely clear on member participation in branch democracy.

Your Branch AGM is the single most important meeting of the year

Every year UNISON requires its branch officers and stewards to stand for re-election. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is your opportunity to have a say in how the branch is run and who will represent you in the coming year.

The purposes of the AGM is to:

  • Ensure that the branch is organised and administered effectively
  • Keep members informed of the work of the branch
  • Give members a voice in running the branch
  • Enable elections to take place

It is also a great opportunity to (virtually) meet with other members and UNISON stewards and to find out how UNISON has been active on your behalf during the year. Please log on and encourage a work colleague to too.

All jokes aside it will be great if we get some new volunteers to support the Branch, and we will make the AGM meeting(s) as fun and informative as possible, with guest speakers, interesting debates, and *full frontal nudity (*this may be a lie). Contact us on if you have any questions.

The AGM will be the 1st our Branch holds with a new General Secretary. On the 11th January it will be announced who that new person will be. Follow our Facebook page for details.

Please take care of one and other during this time, and I’ll raise a glass to all your vaccines.

…… Speak Soon XXX