Blog 49: LGBTQ+ history month and making history with our virtual AGM

Blog 49 is here. Partially vaccinated, and like the shoots of the first spring daffodils we are poking our heads above the soil daring for the sun to shine.

Have we turned a corner? Is a version of normality ready to descend upon us? I do hope so. The weight of the pandemic landed square on our members shoulders – we hope in the coming months, that your presently bowed vertebrae bounce back to their previously mountainous shape.

Fitting within LGBTQ+ history month the Branch have been watching “it’s a sin” it is wonderful, powerful, upsetting stuff.

A friend, a gay man who was very much around at the time the series was set, commented – “it does highlight that there were (and there still are) people prepared to fight prejudice and injustice, they are true unsung heroes.”

So we can reflect in historical awe, and in thanks to individuals who were prepared to take an unfashionable or difficult route and bob themselves above the parapet.

We do this with all sorts of historical situations – the Suffragettes , Nelson Mandela, the creation of the welfare state. All things we now look back at with admiration, but at the time we’re met initially with derision. They challenged the status quo. They made established order worried, even within “ progressive circles”.

So what are the subjects which are difficult to stand up for now? The subjects which make you open to ridicule when you open your mouth?

Do you want history to shine on you and say Thank You?

Come join us in Branch and advocate for your passion. For your under-represented group. This may be Climate Change, it may be Black Lives Matter, Trans rights, issues around Disabilities, NHS privatisation, Womens issues, Tory corruption, Trade Union repression, Gay prejudice…. it could be all of these, or something not mentioned.

Come on – be a hero – raise your voice!! We will be at your side and stand in UNISON with you. It may be difficult, and the Branch are always a little punch drunk at the amount of times we get knocked down, but the trick is standing back up, together. If you have a passion contact us on our new number – 0113 8246214 or email – or attend our AGM(s) on the 2nd March.

Annual General Meeting 2021

We are inviting all members to your Annual General Meeting which is going to be held virtually this year on Tuesday 2nd March 2021.

Branch AGM’s are important, they provide an opportunity for members to elect their representatives, scrutinise and challenge branch finances and help to set the objectives and priorities for the year ahead. AGM’s normally follow a traditional model with members attending in person but due to Covid UNISON’s National Executive Council has asked that these are conducted on-line to ensure the safety of all our members.

There are three meetings which you can attend: 7:15am, 4pm or 8pm. Please email us at to register for a place.

We will compile a list of attendees and send you the link to the appropriate meeting the week before the meeting is held.

We hope that you are able to attend.

Many of you following the Leeds & Bradford Airport expansion story will have read in horror at Leeds Council giving the green light to expand its space , expand its profit, and make their declaration of a climate emergency absurd. When will the money men get it? There are no jobs , no pots of gold, on a planet which is dying. You would have thought the elected officials will have heard the will of the young people in the city who realise their future will be crushed, and crushed much harder than the current pandemic has done, with greed like this. We demand sustainability over ££, people before profit. The Branch sends it solidarity and promise of help to all actions which block this vandalism, this nonsense.

This last month also so the sad passing of a Yorkshire legend. Captain Tom Moore. The Branch would like to record our thanks and our humility at his marvellous actions. He deserved every decibel of his clap. A truly marvellous man.

We would also like to note our anger and frustration at the clap being called by the person and the party (Torys) which made the NHS need acts of charity in the first instance. They run down our institution, then applaud the sacrifice of those who prop it up. Dreadful hypocrisy. Vote them out!! The R.A.F don’t need a whip round before they bomb the hell out of some poor country for its oil, so the NHS shouldn’t need to rely on 50p’s from Grandma to sustain itself.