Blog 52: Excellent result for staff with no ‘kicking off’

Blog 52 is here, feeling nostalgic for when an Indian variant was a new dish at your favourite restaurant, or a cunning new delivery from a Test cricketer. Hold onto your seat everyone and lets hope those magic vaccines repel those bugs like a young Batfink (one for the teenagers that one). Ive heard of a slight Yorkshire variant too. We don’t share the virus though, we “keep it to thi sen” so there’s no fear of it spreading, especially to Lancastrians.

Your Branch were approached by several band 2 HCA’s who had a feeling they were working “above” their banding and original job description. They called us, and asked our opinion. They were all very happy on their ward, and didn’t want to “kick off” they just wanted to know their rights. They were determined to talk with one collective voice.

Your Branch launched a questionnaire amongst the H.C.A’s to explore  those extra tasks, before submitting the results to the ward manager. The questionnaire showed that they were indeed doing extra tasks not included on their original contract. We had pre warned the manger so he was aware, and knew there was nothing underhand going on when he saw the staff replying. I must say the CSU have been wonderful and have fully embraced the process.

This can easily happen, roles evolve, and the tasks done often become more complex as the years tick by.

Anyway the conclusion is, after the admin is done, and some further training, which proceeds’ through the year, the H.C.A’s will soon be given that Band 3. The ward manager completely recognises the staffs amazing performance, skills, and experience and knows this process will aid retainment on the ward.

Could you have a similar situation? If so contact your line manager and ask for your job role to be reviewed alongside your job description. If this informal approach fails contact us on and we could possibly help you, and your fellow members in a similar way.

An amazing finale to this is the Manager is going to look into the situation on all of his wards. He knows to retain his staff a great incentive is : acknowledgment of existing skills, the promise of further training, and a few more coins in the pay packet. From small acorns and all that.

I am sure you will have seen the news this month, regarding the situation in Palestine and Israel. The national union put out the following statement ;-

UNISON welcomes the ceasefire between the Israeli government and Hamas, and the suspension of the latest deadly assault on Gaza, which has needlessly devastated so many lives.

For 11 days, the people of Gaza have endured Israeli military airstrikes, killing 242 Palestinians including 66 children. A further 1,950 people have been injured and 106,000 forced to leave their homes in search of protection. A dozen people in Israel have died, including from rockets fired from Gaza, with 27 Palestinians in the West Bank.

UNISON condemns the violence and regrets the loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives.

For the fourth time since 2008, the people of Gaza will now begin rebuilding their homes, livelihoods and public services, while continuing to live under a tight land, sea and air blockade that has isolated two million Palestinians from the rest of the world for the last 14 years.

While the bombs may have fallen silent for now, unless the root cause of this most recent oppression – 54 years of occupation – is dealt with, then the ceasefire will only be temporary.

On 21 May, Israeli police again raided the compound of the al-Aqsa Mosque  and clashed with worshippers, in scenes reminiscent of the horrific attack we witnessed 11 days earlier.

Palestinian refugee families, who have lived in UN built homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem since 1956, continue to face expulsion to make way for an illegal settlement.

And the Israeli government continues to implement its policies of defacto annexation, demolishing Palestinian homes and property and expanding illegal settlements across the West Bank, undermining any hope of a viable, contiguous, independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The continued oppression of Palestinians we have seen in recent weeks further demonstrates why UNISON, human rights organisations including Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem and UN special rapporteurs, recognise that the systematic discrimination faced by the Palestinian people constitutes the crime of apartheid under international law.

The international community must act now and take concrete action to end their complicity in the occupation, colonisation and oppression endured by the Palestinian people for decades.

We urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to respect the independence of the International Criminal Court and end his opposition to the investigation into alleged war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Furthermore, we call for the UK government to take action to demand an end to the occupation, including:

  • suspending the UK’s arms trade with the government of Israel and supporting calls for a UN arms embargo;
  • prohibiting trade with illegal settlements and suspending the UK Israel Trade and Partnership Agreement until the Israeli government complies with its human rights clauses and international law; and
  • demanding a halt to the planned evictions of families in Sheikh Jarrah and other communities, the destruction of Palestinian homes and other property, and the building of illegal settlements, which violate fundamental human rights, are illegal under international law and undermine the prospects of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel.

UNISON will continue to support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions as a legitimate and practical way to persuade the Israeli government to end its repression of the Palestinian people and contribute towards the building of peace.

We urge governments, public bodies and businesses to uphold their ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure human rights and international law are respected.

Your Branch fully supports the national position as we are affiliated to the solidarity campaign. We also have a motion at our next Branch Committee which will hopefully see us donating to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) who work for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.

They provide immediate medical aid to those in great need, while also developing local capacity and skills to ensure the long-term development of the Palestinian healthcare system. The Branch see’s this is an appropriate method of supporting the struggle, from our health Branch, to their essential health organisation.

Please all take care, and maintain the good practices of mask wearing and social distancing. If we can help in any way contact us. If we don’t know it’s happening, we cannot help. You are our eyes and ears.

…..Speak soon XXX