Blog 56 from the Branch Chair

Hi Dudes,

Blog 56 is here, resurrected like (Pat) Phoenix from the ashes. Where has the blog been? Well, I was struck down with ailments which would have made Frankie Howard weep and given him enough materiel for a 3-hour show. Anyway, the Blog is back, and I can only apologise both for its absence (and let’s face it, its return). Am I better now? Barely, but the show must go on, dust down my ball gown, wipe away the cobwebs, drown me in babycham… here we go.

You will have seen updates, on less glamorous platforms than this, giving information on two current Branch Campaigns:-

Band2getherFor3 campaign

We are asking our Band 2 colleagues, in all areas, to spare us a few minutes of their time to fill in the below survey.
The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete, what else can you do in that time!!! (no cheap jokes please).
The Branch campaign is all about speaking up about the realities of
Band 2 jobs, and it involves us all working together to make sure these vital workers are getting paid appropriately for the work they do – it’s vital that everybody gets involved! With full membership support it could be a Doctor Who-esque transformation (a Band 2 metamorphosis) with shiny new Band 3s dancing out of the Tardis very soon.

If you’re a healthcare support worker being paid at band 2 but taking on regular clinical duties then please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey and #Band2getherFor3. Help us, help you and together we can #PUTNHSPAYRIGHT

Safe Break

The “SAFE BREAK” campaign seeks to ensure that the correct break facilities are made available at Leeds Dental Institute (LDI). Our members haven’t got sufficient or adequate facilities presently. This is not a “want”, they’re not wanting a Thai massage as they munch their butties, they are only asking for what they are entitled to. A clean and accessible tea room with the option of storing and warming their grub. It’s a real shame we have to campaign over such a basic demand which they are legally entitled to. We have already held some lively open meetings but more are planned. The bigger the voice, the quicker we will achieve our goal.

….And breaking news , we are also campaigning on improving the Park and Ride scheme in Leeds. We fully recognise how rubbish the car parking situation is at our hospitals. It’s nobody’s fault. Demand outstrips supply. We also embrace the fact that we must all try and reduce our carbon footprint. Solution? Better and more accessible public transport via the city’s park and ride. This motion has recently passed our Branch Committee.

The Branch notes:-

*The health and care system in England is responsible for an estimated 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint. Air pollution is linked to killer conditions like heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, contributing to around 36,000 deaths annually. A recent study by Kings College London looking at nine English cities demonstrated that on high pollution days there are 673 additional out-of-hospital cardiac arrests and hospital admissions for stroke and asthma, with spikes in ambulance 999 call outs.
*Car parking at LTHT is notoriously difficult for all staff.

The Branch believes:-

* A safe and reliable public transport network in Leeds is crucial in reducing staffs carbon footprint and reducing the frustration and pressure on the limited staff car parking space at the two main sites.
* That the city’s park and ride scheme should include drop offs and pick-ups to both LGI and SJUH.

The Branch Resolves:-

*To work collaboratively with the Trust and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in establishing easily accessible bus stops for our members.
* To make our demands known (via the Branch Labour Link) directly to Mayor Tracy Brabin who ran on a manifesto of improving public transport in the city.
* To publicise our work to our members and encourage their participation in lobbying for this needed change.

Finally, we are proud to say that our very own Branch Secretary Denise Carr has been re-elected to UNISON Health Service Group Executive for a 3rd time. Thank you to all of you that believed in her and voted her in again. Thanks to this your branch has direct influence at that top table. We also get to get rid of her for a few days when she toddles of to London 😉 Well done Denise xxx

Dates for your Diary

TUC March – London 18th June – “We demand better”

Leeds Keep Our NHS Public – Leeds, 2nd July 11am. “Yorkshire March for the NHS.

…. Speak Soon xxx