Blog 57 from the Branch Chair

Hi Dudes, Blog 57 here, and you find me bundled in rags, rickets, and poverty like a Dickens caricature. Yes folks 12 years of Tory neglect, incompetence and fraud have left us with obscene levels of poverty, and living standards, and this week’s pay award will do NOTHING to reverse that for us.

I saw an interesting phrase this week which says we shouldn’t talk of a cost of living crisis, but rather call it a hording of wealth catastrophe. There’s money out there, there are more billionaires emerging every year, but that money is clearly not for the likes of you and I. After all you guys are only the ones who propped up our most essential public service during a (continuing) worldwide pandemic !! why should you not be insulted with another real terms pay CUT. Angry? I’m at levels my old man was at when I left the immersion heater on too long!!! Bright red and furious.

So to the scant detail of your pay award (say thank you to the nice man from Eton for his crumbs) we all either get £1400 added onto to our yearly pay or if you are a “top” band 6 or 7 you get 4%. So to put it in context when you pay your fuel bill (if you can pay your fuel bill) that will immediately wipe out the award. Nowt left for a bag o’ chips!

So what are we going to do? Our national service group met immediately after the announcement and are recommending to our members that the union takes industrial action to challenge this. Tory anti trade union laws make this difficult however your Branch is committed to doing just that. UNISON also wish to work with our NHS unions to try ensure any national action is coordinated.

What is industrial action?

Industrial action can include strike action (which is any concerted stoppage of work), or action short of strike action such as ‘go-slows’ or ‘working to rule’. You can read more about industrial action here: You can also talk to us about what industrial action could look like where you work.

Strict trade union laws mean that industrial action can only take place following a postal ballot of affected members, in which more than 50% must vote and (in important public services) more than 40% of those voting must vote in favour of taking action.


How will I get a vote in the consultation?

The easiest and quickest way of making sure you get a vote is checking your email details are correct – update them online via MyUNISON, by emailing ourselves or calling 0113 8246214. THIS IS VITAL. Please also talk to friends and colleagues who are wise enough not to read this drivel and get them to update their details too.

The national union will write to members in the NHS in England soon with consultation details, but in the meantime please get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns, or are itching to fight back against the government and wish to get more involved with us.

My last point in this month’s blog is related to the Tory party leadership contest. They are all idiots.


…..Speak soon (and see you on the picket line) xxx