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Blog 38: UNISON is there to support our members

Hi Dudes Blog 38 is here and you find us dancing in this joyous rain and splashing our way to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) TUESDAY 3rd March 2020 AGM 1 : LGI – 07:15am –    Food Court, Clarendon Wing AGM 2 : SJUH – 16:00pm  – UNISON offices, Beckett Wing Please all c’mon down […]

Blog 37: Staying positive and public transport wrestling

Hi Dudes, Blog 37 here, and as 2020 arrives aren’t we all full of hope and vigour? Well if hope and vigour is a new real ale promoted by a micro brewery possibly. However real hope and glory seems in short supply when you see Australia burning , ol Trumpys warmongering, and the Prospect of […]

Blog 36: UNISON is there to support you (13/12/19)

Hi Dudes Blog 36 is here and you will notice an unusually muted tone. No flamboyance, no politics, not a squeak of the General Election as I am censored by purdah (the period in the run-up to an election when there is a restriction in place on publicising the views of political parties). It’s a […]

Blog 35: From cradle to grave or from Eton to Washington? (05/11/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 35 is here, sparkling and feeling dandy and energised for the election fight of our lives to save #OurNHS. December 13th could be the dawn of a fantastic new fair and equitable country for us all, or it could be then deepest, darkest, longest winter for our public services. Do we rise […]

Blog 34: #climatestrike #labourpartypledges #growvember (04/10/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 34 is here, fresh from the invigorating #climatestrike on the 20th September, and bristling like Basils impressive brush with optimism after hearing Labour’s well needed plans for an alternative at conference. Change is a coming, and I’m quite prepared to be the vibrant chameleon on Greta and Corbyn’s radical leafs. First off […]

Blog 33: Boring! Let’s talk about the NHS and green jobs instead (09/09/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 33 is here staring in wonderment and befuddlement at all the drama in parliament. This Blog could be the most pointless yet as before it gets sent out everything may have changed. The Queen may have swung Tarzan like through the House of Commons bashing Alexander Boris de Pfeffell on the noggin […]

Blog 32: BoJo No-No, and Bradford Health Workers Strike (08/08/19)

Blog 32 is here for August. Augmenting your holiday reading with this irrelevant and irresponsible blog. Irrepressibly, inspiring the proletariat of Leeds, and fulfilling my contractual obligations. I hope some of you managed to get to Leeds Pride on Sunday (4/8/19)? Your UNISON Branch was represented and our brand new banner flown. I didn’t manage […]

Blog 31: Yorkshire’s biggest celebration of LGBT+ life (08/07/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 31 is here. Decked out in its summer wardrobe, icy drink in its shaking hand and rainbows dripping from my keyboard. If the prospect of Johnson or Hunt being our Prime Minister this month doesn’t befuddle and inflame you, or the Amazon being chopped down by a football pitch per minute doesn’t […]

Blog 30: NHS for sale? Starving vultures (07/06/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 30 has arrived like a double decker at a lonely bus stop. Promising salvation from the dark streets, only to flash up “not in service“ as it rumbles past with nihilistic relish ( no I haven’t a clue what I’m on about either). Yaaay, Mr Trump is in town as I write […]

Blog 29: Deeds not words (10/05/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 29 here and today we come out swinging like a growling heavyweight boxer, who has stepped on his sons Lego and has found his next door neighbours slippers under his boyfriend’s bed. This is the angry militant blog that demands action. That screams for change, and is fed up of e petitions […]