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Blog 31: Yorkshire’s biggest celebration of LGBT+ life (08/07/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 31 is here. Decked out in its summer wardrobe, icy drink in its shaking hand and rainbows dripping from my keyboard. If the prospect of Johnson or Hunt being our Prime Minister this month doesn’t befuddle and inflame you, or the Amazon being chopped down by a football pitch per minute doesn’t […]

Blog 30: NHS for sale? Starving vultures (07/06/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 30 has arrived like a double decker at a lonely bus stop. Promising salvation from the dark streets, only to flash up “not in service“ as it rumbles past with nihilistic relish ( no I haven’t a clue what I’m on about either). Yaaay, Mr Trump is in town as I write […]

Blog 29: Deeds not words (10/05/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 29 here and today we come out swinging like a growling heavyweight boxer, who has stepped on his sons Lego and has found his next door neighbours slippers under his boyfriend’s bed. This is the angry militant blog that demands action. That screams for change, and is fed up of e petitions […]

Blog 28: Climate change: Averting apocalpse and green jobs (02/4/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 28 coming at you from the watery graveyard / fiery wastelands of the future. Your monthly blog is here and it’s unapologetically apocalyptic. Climate Change should be in more headlines than Brexit, Leeds United, and any of the Queen’s new reptiles. If we don’t get a handle on Climate Change then in […]

Blog 27: Be an AGM winner (01/03/19)

Hi Dudes, As you see Blog 27 has pounced upon your electronic viewing device like a leopard in the Serengeti. All teeth, and claws, and beautifully camouflaged against a back drop of equatorial danger and wilderness. The winners of the Oscars are out, and although I didn’t win an award for best screenplay this year […]

Blog 26: Looking forward to 2019 whilst sliding head first (01/02/19)

Hi Dudes, Blog 26 here and it’s the pre- General Election bonanza. That’s right my beloved readers our political fairground ride is riotously throwing us ecstatically from the Brexit waltzers, (candy floss in our hair), and straight onto the big wheel of party political broadcasts, door knocking, leaflet dropping, and marking your preferred candidate with […]

Blog 25: Christmas Special – including a year in review! (December 2018)

Hi Dudes, Blog 25 here and it is our Christmas special. Hang onto your baubles folks it’s gonna be quite the sleigh ride. As the seasonal snow dampens my keyboard I’m hoping to take you on a journey through the lens of UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals 2018, and a muse upon the upcoming twelve months. […]

Blog 24: Grovember and White Ribbon Campaign (21/11/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 24 arriving like an Yorkshire Terrier greeting a postman. Plenty of comedy nips, hideous yaps, and the occasional opportunity for a belly rub. It’s been a busy month for your Branch. We’ve been up to all sorts. Member meetings, recruitment stalls, campaigning, and the bread and butter work of representing you, our […]

Blog 23: The blog that makes you all activists (9/11/18)

Hi Dudes, Welcome to blog 20 odd. Very odd. As odd as a sock you find in your rucksack after a weekend of camping in Cleethorpes. This is the blog which makes you all activists. Legend has it that everybody present at the 1976 Sex pistols gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall formed a band […]

Blog 22: The importance of Health & Safety – no come back! (05/10/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 22 is here, poking its grubby face in where it’s not wanted and blowing raspberries at all the piggy’s with their adorable noses in the trough. Hold onto your riding britches, and prepare for a feast of socialist intrigue. Where shall we start? Palestine? Trump? the T.U.C conference? Brexit? the delights of […]