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Blog 23: The blog that makes you all activists (9/11/18)

Hi Dudes, Welcome to blog 20 odd. Very odd. As odd as a sock you find in your rucksack after a weekend of camping in Cleethorpes. This is the blog which makes you all activists. Legend has it that everybody present at the 1976 Sex pistols gig at Manchester Free Trade Hall formed a band […]

Blog 22: The importance of Health & Safety – no come back! (05/10/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 22 is here, poking its grubby face in where it’s not wanted and blowing raspberries at all the piggy’s with their adorable noses in the trough. Hold onto your riding britches, and prepare for a feast of socialist intrigue. Where shall we start? Palestine? Trump? the T.U.C conference? Brexit? the delights of […]

Blog 21: Changes to working patterns and dates for your diary (05/09/18)

Hi Dudes Blog 21 is here, plonked in a raincoat, and contemplating the approaching dark gothic nights. Summer has wilted like a (note – the editor has erased this unnecessary analogy on the basis of decency) and your Branch is preparing for autumn in much the same way as the common squirrel by nibbling on […]

Blog 20: Massive relief, the power of solidarity! (01/08/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 20 here, bloated on a diet of sunshine and BBQ’s, and frolicking in this marvellous summer. My shorts are in permanent residence, and my milk bottle legs are verging on the magnificent precipice of colour. Anyway enough of this sartorial small talk, there is far more to discuss than the chosen garments […]

Blog 19: The NHS belongs to the people, white ribbon UK (28/6/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 19 is here, as always with a smattering of snapshots (written Polaroid’s if you will) of all the hot topics;- with world Cup references aplenty, and fevered news from the frontline of Leeds’s lurch into that workers fairground of which we all dream. You may have read before on this Blog that […]

Blog 18: Industrial action ballot – your time to be actively involved (5/6/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 18 here. Surfing the waves of industrial debate with all the guile and balance of an overly laden waiter confronted with Mr Tickle, and a slippery floor, and then realising he has his best bone china (perched parrot like) upon his soup stained arm.  As I write this the ballot of estates […]

Blog 17: W.O.C, happy birthday to us, marching on 5th May (02/05/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 17 here. Shining like your most treasured candelabra, and dangling like a donkey’s carrot onto the many threads of resistance against this most loathsome of governments. If you reading this, well done, the escalating battle of Middle Eastern non-diplomacy from Mr Tramp “we are coming to get you Russia, Russia is bad. […]

Blog 16: Wholly Owned Company News – Don’t look here (26/03/18)

Hi Dudes Blog 16 arriving on your doorsteps, recently chewed up by the family dog and bursting with Trade Union intrigue. (Subsequent editions come with a free collectable Union hero. Next month your very own two inch ceramic Bob Crow) Thankyou all who turned up to our AGM’s. We had our best turn out in […]

Blog 15: AGM madness (27/02/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 15 is here and it’s doused in neon Annual General Meeting (AGM) madness – Yes folks this is the A.G.M special. The anticipatory buzz is so rampant around the hospital I’m sure I saw two of our Branch officers actually smile last week (maybe their planning a coup against the chair!!). So […]

Blog 14: Do more for less (02/02/18)

Hi Dudes, Blog 14 here. This blog is now entering its difficult teenage years. Prepare for foul smelling socks, indignant frowning, petulance, and careless rebellion (in other words a Trade Union Blog) Richard Burgon the Labour MP who’s constituency includes ST James University Hospital is quoted as saying “I believe the Conservative Government has taken NHS […]