Important message regarding a March in Leeds on Saturday 8 August – demanding a fresh pay deal for the NHS

Many members have contacted us regarding the March in Leeds (this Saturday, 8th August, 11am) regarding the demand for a fresh pay deal for the NHS. Clearly the Branch supports the marches aims and principles and ordinarily we would be there with all our bells, whistles, banners, and collective voices. However these are not normal […]

Blog 43: We know our worth

Hi Dudes, Blog 43 is here and its staring down the clueless government and saying “No Pay Rise for NHS staff… really? I think the Eton educated dummies have misread the room. We will not be messed around any longer. WE KNOW OUR WORTH. NHS PAY – Wow, we’ve had some crazy reaction to our […]

Return to work – Protect your colleagues #BeOnTheSafeSide

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the game for everyone when it comes to protecting yourself and your colleagues in the workplace. As the government moves to ease lockdown restrictions with the wider opening of schools and offices, UNISON is pushing for all employers to do everything possible to keep staff in their workplaces safe and healthy. […]

Blog 42: Race for equality

Hi Dudes, Blog 42 is here and in keeping with current events ( like the last 400 years) I am focusing on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. A grass roots campaign that fights oppression, educates, and gets results. I hope some of you attended, or saw the pictures from the massive rally in Leeds – Millennium Square last Sunday (14th […]

Legal help: Easier ways to get in touch during COVID-19 crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis, UNISON has changed its processes to make it easier for members to get legal support at no extra cost, as part of their union membership. Here’s a simple guide for branches to help our members get the support they need, when they need it. Employment advice Members with issues relating directly […]

Blog 41: Thank you’s, branch updates and campaigning for a fair future

Hi Dudes, Blog 41 is here, once again I will replace the funnies with more of a general update. It doesn’t feel right to be cracking jokes with my trademark rapier like sharpness quite yet. (This is my excuse for losing my wit – a bit like what happened to John Cleese in the 80’s). […]

Branch update: 6 May 2020

Quick update to what’s going on within your UNISON Branch. As you know we normally like face to face updates but for some reason at present this is difficult. I want to start by thanking all UNISON members working in whatever capacity during this crisis and sending thoughts to all members of the NHS family […]

We remember: International Workers Memorial Day April 2020

Tuesday 28 April is International Workers’ Memorial Day, when we remember all those who have died because of their work – and renew our pledge to fight for the living. In the year of coronavirus, this day of commemoration had never been more important. And that is why UNISON LTH and Staff of Leeds Teaching Hospital observed […]

PPE Guidance

UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals Branch has produced this guide which you should follow if you experience problems or shortages of PPE in your workplace. Your branch will support you with this process. Download the UNISON LTH PPE Guidance here… (issued 22 April 2020) A handy visual guide to PPE can be found below Visual Guide […]

LGI canteen has reopened

You will have seen on Wednesday it was announced the private company running the Trust canteen had closed the service. Leaving minimal opportunity’s for LTHT staff to access hot food. – For many in “ hot” areas doing gruelling 12 hour shifts they wouldn’t be able to get any food at all. Weekends had zero […]