Blog 57 from the Branch Chair

Hi Dudes, Blog 57 here, and you find me bundled in rags, rickets, and poverty like a Dickens caricature. Yes folks 12 years of Tory neglect, incompetence and fraud have left us with obscene levels of poverty, and living standards, and this week’s pay award will do NOTHING to reverse that for us. I saw […]

Retired Members Wellbeing Event

  Retired Members Wellbeing Event: FAO Paid up Retired Members of UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals! Date For Your Diary! (paper or electronic depending on your techno-skills!) We have not been able to meet face to face for just over 2 years so we have decided that we will hold a Wellbeing Event: Monday 1 August 12 […]

Band together for 3 logo

#Band2getherFor3 campaign

Are you a Band 2 Healthcare Support Worker? You may be entitled to better pay…

We want to see you rewarded, recognised and respected.

We are working hard pursuing the re-banding and the #Band2getherFor3 is really starting to take off.

To see the branches resources kit to kick start your re-banding process please complete the details below: and you will be taken to the resources page.

Blog 56 from the Branch Chair

Hi Dudes, Blog 56 is here, resurrected like (Pat) Phoenix from the ashes. Where has the blog been? Well, I was struck down with ailments which would have made Frankie Howard weep and given him enough materiel for a 3-hour show. Anyway, the Blog is back, and I can only apologise both for its absence […]

Band together for 3 logo

UNISON Leeds Teaching Hospitals #Band2getherFor3 survey

The survey will take approximately 7 minutes to complete. UNISON’s campaign is all about speaking up about the realities of your job and working together to make sure you’re getting paid appropriately for what you do – so it’s vital that everybody gets involved! If you’re a healthcare support worker being paid at band 2 […]

Blog 55: Giving hope to fight back and getting involved in your union

Hi Dudes, Blog 55 is here, with our brow furrowed, and eyes narrowed at the prospect of that real terms NHS pay cut, an unfair rise in national insurance tax, Covid infections galloping away, no end to the NHS staffing crisis, and Leeds United’s sluggish start to the Premier league. We are told to rise […]

Blog 54: 3% pay offer and a crescendo of grumble

Blog 54 is here gnashing our teeth in frustration, at the 3% pay offer, like a particularly angry Crocodile when met with a bafflingly elusive, water hole gulping, Antelope. The minute I tiptoed, ballerina like, into my department after the 3% pay announcement I was met with a crescendo of grumble “when are we striking […]

Blog 53: We own it!

Blog 53 is here, and I write this with England on the precipice of football Nirvana . Leeds’ own Kalvin Phillips seems to have become the genius hybrid of David Batty, Gary Mcallister , and Pele, and for those 90 minute windows our NHS Covid woes have been forgotten. It shows what a desperate 16 […]

Blog 52: Excellent result for staff with no ‘kicking off’

Blog 52 is here, feeling nostalgic for when an Indian variant was a new dish at your favourite restaurant, or a cunning new delivery from a Test cricketer. Hold onto your seat everyone and lets hope those magic vaccines repel those bugs like a young Batfink (one for the teenagers that one). Ive heard of a slight Yorkshire variant too. We don’t share the virus though, we “keep it to thi sen” so there’s no fear of it spreading, especially to Lancastrians.

Blog 51: A better working life, Overtime and NEC elections

Blog 51 is here, and we are embracing the sun kissed beer gardens with an affection normally reserved for family members at midnight staggering out of a well stocked wedding, but resisting the giant queues outside Primark, more out of a lack of tolerance to shopping, than social distancing concerns. We are opening up, and […]