UNISON’s National Executive Committee elections

UNISON’s National Executive Committee elections are upcoming. Please see below statements from the member’s standing to be on the NEC that the Branch has nominated. What is the NEC? The NEC is made up of representatives elected from all of UNISON’s regions and service groups, as well as seats for four Black members, two young […]

Blog 50: 1% insult

Blog 50 is here, counting down the hours to our covid release, like grizzled prisoners chalking off the days on the wall of a cartoon prison cell.

Quite a lot is going on at the moment. From the government deciding your efforts this year are worth a 1% pay “cut”, to them also outlawing the inevitable protest which comes from that.

Annual General Meeting 2021

All branch members are invited to our Annual General Meeting which is going to be held virtually this year on Tuesday 2 March 2021. Branch AGMs are important, they provide an opportunity for members to elect their representatives, scrutinise and challenge branch finances and help to set the objectives and priorities for the year ahead. […]

Blog 49: LGBTQ+ history month and making history with our virtual AGM

Blog 49 is here. Partially vaccinated, and like the shoots of the first spring daffodils we are poking our heads above the soil daring for the sun to shine. Have we turned a corner? Is a version of normality ready to descend upon us? I do hope so. The weight of the pandemic landed square […]

Blog 48: Clapping and AGM 2021

Hi Dudes, Blog 48 here in all its shiny new 2021 glory (which feels very much like the dirt and rust of 2020). As I type this I am watching the news and seeing Trump supporting hooligans storm the senate. Its quite surreal. I hope it doesn’t catch on. I’m petrified the UNISON office may […]

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AGM 2021

Annual General Meeting Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Three meetings which you can attend: 7:15am, 4pm or 8pm. All UNISON members welcome Please email us at unison.sjuh@nhs.net to register for a place. Branch AGM’s are important, they provide an opportunity for members to elect their representatives, scrutinise and challenge branch finances and help to set the […]

Blog 47: Cold shouldering the virus and dignity at work

Blog 47 here, all locked up and nowhere to go. Wearing pyjama’s all day at weekends is the new norm, which is causing quite a stir in my Cul de Sac as my Star Wars Onesie I bought when I was 13 doesn’t quite fit me anymore, and this “all in one” seems to show […]

Blog 46: Day to day roles, biggest challenges, UNISON General Secretary election

Hi Dudes, Blog 46 is here. Peri-second wave, and certainly not waving and most definitely drowning but somehow, like an inquisitive seal off the Yorkshire coast peeking above the cold sea and witnessing the wonderful work going on around me. This month a comrade expressed to me that “nobody knows what we do on our […]

When School Bubbles go down!

Has your child’s school bubble gone down? Are you having to take time away from the physical workplace to fulfil your caring responsibilities? Has your manager allowed you to work from home? or are you taking annual leave or unpaid leave / working your time back? Is everyone within the department being given the same […]